How It Works

We’ll post some online videos soon to demonstrate how the product is used, but for now we’ll describe the typical daily use.

Tree service contractor – working a power company job

1. A tree crew takes their rugged Motorola ES400 and the Zebra printer with them on the job.

2. At a location that needs tree work done, the crew takes out the device, clicks on the image for the contract/customer they are servicing and then takes a picture of the tree that needs work.

The device automatically gets its GPS location. (usually within a few meters)

3. A series of screens is presented to the tree crew – the information is dependent on the customer’s/contract’s needs.

4. When the last piece of information is entered the crew views a summary screen.

5. The crew confirm the information is correct and the data is uploaded to our servers – including date and time, location, the device ID/serial number, the picture(s), etc.

6. One or more paper tickets/receipts are printed on the mobile printer (one for each entity that wants a paper trail).

7. At the end of the day any items that could not be uploaded because of lack of cell service coverage are uploaded via wi-fi or from a known good cell coverage area.

Back at the office, or at the customer’s offices, the uploaded data can be viewed in real time. Items can be seen on a map and downloaded in a report to a spreadsheet complete with pictures.

All of the data that was captured by the crew is available online. In real time.

Clients can calculate their spending and keep track of the performance of the contractors. Information can be shared with other asset, tracking or GIS software.