Free software and services for maple sugar producers

We are offering our products and services for free to maple sugar/syrup producers.

The product is fairly simple right now:

Using a handheld phone/GPS device, you walk through your sugar bush and record details about your trees/taps.  You can choose to take photos of each tree/tap.  The program automatically gets a latitude and longitude position.  This can be used with GIS/mapping software.

After entering details about the tree/taps on a mobile device (e.g. number taps, which line it is on, buckets or lines, sugar concentration, additional comments)  the information will be uploaded to our servers and/or your spreadsheet.

If you have suggestions for new features we would like to hear from you.

Contact us to get your free copy or a demonstration of our software.

We are trying to work with hardware vendors to allow us to have a “lending library” so we can loan out a device to sugar makers.

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Seeking Beta users for Tree Management Software

Are you tired of keeping track of your tree cutting work and contracts using paper?

Are you and your workers looking for a better way to keep track of work orders, dispatching and billing?

Do your customers want a better way to audit the work done?

We are developing a solution to address those needs and more.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a beta user.

The software is a combination of mobile devices (for data collection) and web services (for database/storage and administration).

We expect to integrate with billing and auditing as well as GPS and other services to help make operations far more efficient than error prone paper-based solutions.

Find out how to join the beta program by contacting us.

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