Sugar Bush Management

We are pleased to offer our products and services free to small and mid-sized sugaring (Maple Syrup) operations.







Unfortunately we cannot provide the hardware devices, but any Windows Mobile (Version 6.5) device with a 640×480 screen will work well. (Other Windows devices may work, but our software is optimized for the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform with a 640×480 screen)

The free service is pretty basic – users locate each tree and enter in simple information and optionally take a picture.

  • number of taps
  • bucket or line
  • line/network identification
  • sugar content (spectrometer reading)
  • additional notes

The software automatically obtains the geo-location if the device has a GPS.  (Note that accuracy is very dependent on canopy cover and the quality of the GPS signal and the device)

Data is stored on our servers and can be exported, downloaded or used in other GIS programs.

Contact us to find out more about our program and service.